Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trillanes Scolded by UN Vienna Security for Wearing Fil-Am NGO ID Instead of Senator ID, Eats Last

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV went to United Nation (UN) office in Vienna, Austria Thursday, March 15 to attend a crime and drugs conference. But apparently, his visit was not smooth as he expected. This is because a UN Vienna security officer allegedly scolded at the Liberal Party (LP) senator for wearing the wrong ID.


That day, pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot posted on Facebook a message of one of her readers, saying that Sen. Trillanes was spotted in United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV) to attend a UN drugs and crime conference. According to the netizen, the lawmaker was wearing an ID of a Fil-American NGO, and not as a Filipino senator.

“There’s UN drugs and crime conference but before and as always, PDEA officials are always attending it. I found out that his ID was Fil-American NGO and not Philippines. Tomorrow at 13:30 he will deliver his speech.” The Pinoy netizen, who said he is working at the said office, noted that he was seated near Trillanes during that event.

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In a separate post by another Filipino netizen, she said that a UN Vienna security approached Trillanes because the latter did not present his ID as a Philippine senator. Instead, he wore a Fil-Am NGO ID around his neck. The netizen added that she heard the senator being scolded and was asked to leave but Trillanes begged for forgiveness.

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The netizen, whose post is now going viral on Facebook, noted that Trillanes arrived alone and nobody recognized that he was a senator. It turned out that the UN security who scolded him is a Fil-Am, and is familiar with his face. After some minutes of begging, Trillanes was allowed to stay but was told to eat last among the attendees.

Trillanes, a staunch critic of President Duterte, was earlier invited to attend the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs’ annual meeting in Vienna to be held that day. He is set to discuss the alleged extrajudicial killings (EJKs) related to government’s war on drugs. However, Duterte supporters suggested that the senator will only lie on his speech.

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